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Welcome To Jazi Kreations  

Here at Jazi Kreations we specialize in creating custom cakes and unique desserts to fit any event or occasion. We are a home based business located in Tallahassee Florida. With us everything is prepared with freshness and the upmost care. It is our mission to alleviate any sweet related stress surrounding your celebration. We make sure you and your taste buds are absolutely satisfied. So don't hesitate and Get Jazi on It!

While Jazi Kreations  LLC became official in 2019, I has always had a love for baking and creating art. The love for baking grew when I took a culinary arts class in middle school. After graduating college with a degree in studio arts I was at home needing to exercise my creative bone. Using my artistic background I began caking and creating then a light bulb turned on. I specialize and take extreme pride in creating personalized items for customers. Always ready for a challenge i aim to make the customer feel special.

Meet Jasmine

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