These Prices are based on desserts with minimal or basic color designs. They are used as a guideline and will change based on the level of difficulty of your specific design requirements. Please contact us for a more specific quote. 

Please note that for cupcakes and cake pops the minimun order size is two dozens.

Custom double stacked teddy bear character candy apple

Custom 3-D apples are priced based off desired design.


Candy Apples start at $55 a dozen


Pretzel start at $30 a dozen


Sugar cookies start at $45 a dozen


Strawberries start at $40 a dozen

custom rugrats rice Krispy treats

Rice Krispies start at $38 a dozen

Vanilla Pink cupcakes by JaziKreations

Cupcakes start at $36 a dozen

Icecream shapes vanilla cakepops by jazikreations

Cake Pops start at a $42 dozen


Chocolate covered cookies start at $30 a dozen

Candied Popcorn

Candy coated popcorn starts at $26 a dozen


Dessert shooters priced by the double dozen and based on flavor (flavor list available upon request)